Better safe than sorry!!

That is a well-known saying and certainly applies to a burnout. After all, if you can prevent a burnout, it often saves a long period of healing and recovery.

How do you prevent burnout and what can you do when you’re close to it?

In this part of the website, I discuss this in detail.

I want to describe a large number of topics that (in my opinion) can prevent burnout. Especially when you are struggling with it, it is useful to think about it. You can still avert things.

As with the “recovering from a burnout” section, there will also be a kind of walking buffet. Grab what you need, or what seems interesting to you.

Also keep in mind that some topics take time to sink in. Take that time.

If you miss any topics, please email me and I’ll add it.

Good luck!!

The topics are:

– Reduce stimuli                              – Living in NOW           -­ Be honest (introvert etc.)

– Healthy lifestyle                           – Adult behavior                              – Bore out

-Limit                                                 – Stop pleasing                                 -Outward

– Be satisfied                                    – Close friends                                  – Seven Sins

 Good luck reading and hopefully you can avoid burnout.