Because it’s nice to clear your head every now and then, especially after a day at work, it’s good to be outside. Going for a walk, cycling, or going out on an e-bike can change your mind.


Sometimes your thoughts take control on everything. You keep on thinking and worrying. Exercising and being outdoors helps you to change your mind. By moving, but also due to the other environment, the birds, nature, etc. you will notice that the thoughts change. That you start to take them less seriously and that you sometimes become detached from everything.


Even during your working day, it is good to go outside every now and then. To take a little detour and get away from everything. You recharge for a while and that makes it easier to get back to work afterwards. A detour is best to make alone. If you go with others, you are not loose. That is the intention.


Sometimes it’s nice to be outside for a longer period. You can go hiking trails, cycle junctions, you name it. This is a great way to recharge, especially on weekends.


Own experience

I regularly had a break between my classes. Then I usually went for a walk near the school, preferably alone. So that I could break free from everything and organize my thoughts. 


I also went to school by e-bike. Then I could move and clear my head, but it wasn’t as tiring as with the regular bike. I also noticed that if I did go by car, I got tired of it. The incentives, radio, other traffic, etc. that was too much for me.


I often went for a walk on the weekends. Then we went by car to a nature reserve and then a short walk (half an hour / hour). We often had a route booklet with us. You will then see the most beautiful places and you can estimate in advance how the walk will go.


In short, keep it simple, but go outside.


What’s positive

Clearing your head is very nice. It allows you to organize your thoughts and to free yourself from all stimuli.

You also notice that longer stretches of walking and cycling are very relaxing and have a meditative effect.




1.    Look in your area to see if someone has an (old) e-bike

2.    Plan fixed times on your working days when you will take a walk

3.    Do not go outside with a walking app or smartwatch. It makes you restless

4.    Walk the same route, then you don’t have to think, and you can enjoy the environment

5.    Longer walking and cycling trips are relaxing and have a calming effect

6.    Bring something to eat and drink with you. That gives you security when you’re having a hard time.

7.    Just when you think you don’t have time for it, you must make time for this


For the employer

Going outside is important. The employees come back differently and can think better. Especially if you are recovering from a burnout, it is good to stop thinking for a while.


Because they are disconnected from the workplace, they can handle problems and challenges better.


Make it a policy: during the break everyone outside. Get a breath of fresh air. Clean up your head.