Meditation apps

 When you search the internet for burn out, you often come across sites that are about meditation, mindfulness, yoga, back to yourself, etc. Often apps are linked to these sites. Sometimes you may need that. Stop thinking for a while, and give yourself some peace of mind. 


After a day of thinking it is nice to lie down on the bed or sit on a pillow with soothing sounds. Relaxed listening to nature sounds or rain. It calms you down and that is  nice. 


Such an app can also give you peace of mind when exciting things are about to happen. Such as: running an errand, a visit to the company doctor or you have a backlash. 


So these apps are actually a great way to calm down in multiple situations. But in this stage not more than that. It is a means and not an end. 


Meditating is a skill that pays off later. It takes a lot of exercising and practice to find out how this works. So in the beginning of the burn out you may have high expectations of meditating, but they only come true later. So keep your expectations low.


In phase 3 I will explain how this works and why it helps you to direct your thoughts.


For now I would recommend to use it mainly as a moment of rest. Back to yourself for a moment.




On my phone I had an app with rain sounds. When I needed it, I put it on. That calmed me down. Especially when exciting things were about to happen.


I have also done meditation, yoga and mindfulness. I really enjoyed the experience and it certainly added value. But I also thought: if I ever want to come back, more has to be done. So I have continued to fall, get up, plan, think, you name it. Recovery happens that way.


I didn’t understand meditation until later in my process. It took me a while to understand how it works. Apparently you need time to see through this mechanism. I will inform you about this in phase 3.



What is positive ?

In this phase of the burn out, these apps can provide peace and relaxation. If you’re having trouble sleeping or your thoughts are racing, these apps can really bring peace to your mind.


However, I would like to emphasize that you must continue on the path you have taken. No matter how bumpy the road gets, you have to keep going!!



1.   Meditation apps have a relaxing effect and in the beginning that is quite nice. To balance yourself. But keep control of yourself.

2.   Retreats, mindfulness and zen courses, you are still far too vulnerable for that. So I wouldn’t.

3.   Don’t take it too seriously at this stage. Just a rain sounds app can be enough to meditate (unwind).

4.   Some music also has a calming effect. 


Don’t give up!!

Meditation is often seen as quite important. A little spiritual. That in itself is fine. But for now, I think you’re best off with the soothing nature of the sounds in the apps. I advise you to leave it at that for now.


In phase 3 I’m going to explain how meditation can help you to direct your thoughts, but I think that’s for later in the process.


So: lie on the bed and use the apps to relax when you need it.