In the run-up to my burnout, I noticed that I regularly got bogged down in negative thoughts. Most of the time this happened unconsciously and I didn’t notice it. Unconsciously, I was swallowed up by all kinds of angry, jealous and reproachful thoughts.

I could sometimes nag and whine for days about anything and everything.

I also had the tendency, especially when I woke up, to immediately look for negativity. And of course I always found something to complain about. Throughout the day, I remained susceptible to negative energy. I was almost conditioned to look for something to think negatively about.

There was little good for both myself and those around me, just before the burnout. At the mercy of negative thoughts, I went through life. In retrospect, I sometimes wondered if I wasn’t a bit addicted to these thoughts at the time.

The underlying question is: can you become addicted to negative thinking? The answer is clearly YES!!

Unconsciously, you can fall under the spell of negative thoughts. Like a junkie, looking for negativity…

That’s what this piece is about.


The moment you notice that nothing is fun in life anymore, everything is negative and most things are mainly annoying, then you have a big red flag!!

You and those around you will have to actively work to do something about this. On the one hand, trying to change the mindset, on the other hand, to get the energy level back up.
That’s easier said than done.

The negative thoughts are a formidable opponent….be prepared..

What could you change to make that happen?


The biggest change is that you get to notice this in the first place. So that’s actually already a win.

Furthermore, it has helped me to ensure peace and quiet, where possible. So reduce stimuli, take a step back (maybe take a few afternoons off), be less accessible, etc. So you can recharge in a few days.

Secondly, it has helped me to focus on the positive things I am experiencing NOW. I have achieved this by consciously standing still every now and then and letting the thoughts flutter through my head for a while. So that I could literally rant in my head, and then focus on a positive mindset.

And no, that didn’t happen by itself. It remains a formidable opponent….


By reflecting a few times a day on what was fun on this day and recognizing the positive, I started to feel more and more happy with my life. Very simple things: the sun is shining, the coffee is good, colleagues are nice. can already help.

Just like guessing myself and asking myself: how tired am I really? And if that’s really decent, then I’ll check out. Just watching Netflix, gardening, hanging out a bit… just to recharge again. So that I feel better/more energetic.

This may sound simple, but it worked for me. Serious..

I noticed over time that I started to grow, into a more cheerful man. Someone who is rested and has a more positive attitude towards the world.


The moment you start recognizing the negative thoughts, and you have learned how to deal with them, you will feel the confidence that you can handle the thoughts. That you can turn the negative thoughts into more positive ones.

Just like checking your energy level and getting it back in balance.

And that gives me, and hopefully you too, the confidence that everything will be okay.


One of the first signs of low energy is negative thinking. If you manage to recognize it, get on with it.

 And if it doesn’t work right away, ask those around you for help. Most people are good…..