Everyone likes it when attention is given to (small) events that are important to him / her. Think of a birthday, anniversary, move, birth, you name it. It’s always nice to be reminded of that and it gives the team a moment to say something nice.

That is a power that cannot be overestimated.

Just as attention should be paid to fun events, the same applies to less fun events. Think of a death, illness, divorce, grief, etc. Here, too, it helps if the team responds from comfort. A card, flower, show of attention, etc.

People feel seen and that’s important.  Specially to get the team closer and to ensure that there is more connection.

A team with more connection usually has a safe, but above all warm structure in which people feel comfortable.


In the delusion of the day, it happens that you forget this kind of thing. That you step over it and focus mainly on the business processes.

If you want the team to feel more together, make this a conscious policy. Pay attention to the people in your team, reflect on (for them) important events. That benefits togetherness.


If you have not arranged this, make sure that it will be fine. Instruct the secretary to inform you about birthdays, anniversaries, births. Etc.

Within some organizations, they have someone specially designated for this. Someone who manages the ups and downs. But also, someone who knows when the important events take place. Who needs a card, fruit basket, bunch of flowers etc.


Within a close-knit team, people know these kinds of things about each other…Try to grow and make it important. This is so easy to arrange, but so important.


Together we are stronger. If we know more about each other, we are more connected and can achieve more together as a team.

It gives a lot of confidence when we do this together. Celebrating fun things together, but also sharing grief together.


This is very easy to connect on and so important for the team.