Theatre, cinema and festivals

Visiting the theatre, cinema and festivals is something you may have done before the burn out and perhaps that now seems like a nice way of relaxation. Be careful with that. The impact of the sound, visual effects, smell and especially the hustle and bustle of other people, can be quite intense.

Even if you go there with friends or family, this can cause a considerable (social) pressure. Be honest with yourself and your environment and indicate that this still can be quite difficult for you.

Maybe it’s good not to go along for the time being.


Own experience

A few times I tried to go to the cinema. But I didn’t pull the loud noises, the big images and the ferocity of other people around me. That was too early, and I left

I also went to a music festival. After 8 months of burn out, that seemed like a good idea. But that quickly turned out to be a misjudgement. The crowds, the noise and so many people around me caused a lot of stress. After half an hour I went again.

What did go well was a visit to a ballet performance in the cinema. In large cinemas they show ballet performances. Ballet is friendly to watch, and the music is nice. In addition, the storyline is often quite simple, so you don’t really have to think about it. What maybe also cooperated was that there were 3 other people, so that was nice and quiet.


What’s positive?

On the positive side, you discover that there is a limit here and that this is a measure of where you are. Also, for your environment. You are not that far yet and you cannot muster the energy to do this.

You may discover other forms. A visit to a ballet performance was really something new for me.



1. Be clear to your surroundings about what you feel. This may be too early.

2. If you do go, provide a way out. Build in a caveat.

3. Look for other forms of film and performances that you can handle (different or smaller setting) and be open to types of entertainment that you would not immediately think of.


Don’t give up!!

Even though I have walked away from a few films and have cancelled a festival visit, I have started to tell myself that this is not yet possible, but that this is an added.


That’s right. If you have a little more energy, then you can go to a movie, concert, etc. with friends or family. It just needs some time and then it will be fine.