Duration is not to estimate

Phase 2 often takes longer than you might expect. You’ve spent years building the patterns that led to your burn out, you can’t just get rid of that. Therefore, your recovery will take longer and differently than you expect.


In Phase 2 you combine knowledge from Phase 1 and new insights. In addition, you will change things in the short and longer term, and you will also start mixing insights from your private environment with your work and vice versa.


So, you’ve entered a very big process of change. Where you can easily change the simple things, but changing the old patterns is a hard nut to crack. 


That really takes some of your time and will take a long time. The duration cannot be estimated by the start. If you’re going to try to do that, you’re putting pressure on yourself and the question is whether that’s right.

So, let it be. It comes when it comes.


Own experience

 My changes took place in many places. Private and at work. They also walked together. Both in the short and longer term. On the one hand that was quite nice, and I felt that it was going in a different direction, on the other hand I sometimes found it quite confusing. I was sometimes really in a plate of spaghetti with my thoughts, ideas, performances etc.


Even now in 2021, I’m still figuring out what to do today and where to make smarter choices? What works and what doesn’t work.  Also, in the longer term, I asked myself questions such as: do I want to do certain tasks? what will next school year look like? where do I want to go? etc.


So, I was on a rollercoaster of changes and it’s still going on.


What’s positive

You are constantly changing and sometimes the processes get mixed up. There’s nothing you can do about that, that’s how it is. The intensity of these changes will level off and turn into self-confidence and resignation.



1.    Do not set an end time to Phase 2, it still runs for me after 2.5 years

2.    Be proud of yourself that these necessary changes are happening.

3.    You become more and more resigned to the situation that things are different and you cannot control them

4.    You will rise out of this mess, but as a different person


For the employer

The change continues and the employee is increasingly becoming himself. By adjusting work, workplace, etc. you can retain the employee perfectly well.


Also keep in mind that during this phase, adjustments will have to take place. On both sides. Then talk openly and honestly what the best route is for everybody.