I can’t make music. I can neither play an instrument nor sing. I can only listen to music.

Like reading, music can transport you to another world. Get out of the burn out and out of your thoughts.


It is especially soothing when you hear beautiful and pleasant music. Can it be relaxing to listen to that. Just as nice as a meditation app.


Some music, on the other hand, is less suitable. Especially the more negative genres are now quite intense. They can amplify feelings of sadness, negativity, and loneliness. You are vulnerable to that so keep that in mind


Music that is positive or at least neutral is fine. Heavy depressive music, that’s a risk.


Own experience

I really liked some music to listen to. And that could really lift my mood. But sad, negative music, I couldn’t stand it. I could feel so terribly negative with some music. That really surprised me. 


What’s Positive?

Music can improve mood, if it’s right. That turns a gloomy day into something positive. Especially when recovering from a crush day, some music can be healing.



1.   Choose music that makes YOU happy, whatever that is

2.   Don’t care about others

3.   Beware of heavy music

4.   Music can also be meditative


Don’t give up!!

As indicated, music can contribute to recovery. I deliberately looked up some music in the hope that I drew strength from it. Sometimes that worked quite well.


Music that reminded me of the old days, or when the children were small, I couldn’t stand that. That immediately put me in a negative mood. So, I stopped that.

The moment you have some energy again, you can listen to all kinds of music again. But in the burn out you just must be careful with that.