Another thing: thinking about non-existent problems.

As I write this, and you read this, you may be thinking: why the hell would you start thinking about non-existent problems? That doesn’t really make any sense, Marco!!

Rationally that is completely correct, this also makes no sense at all. Yet, in the run-up to my burnout, I noticed that I was doing this. I wasn’t thinking about existing problems and thinking about them.

As an example:

We would like an extension to our house. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough money, so for the time being that’s not an issue anyway. But if we did have the money and we were to start the construction, we might get into conflict with the neighbors. After all, their visibility is reduced by our extension.

And suggest that they object and that I should then look into inheritance boundary rights or the right to light and views. What am I going to do then?

Hire a good lawyer, seek legal advice, consult the other neighbours: etc.. etc… etc.. Maybe we’ll get a real neighbors quarrel because.. etc etc etc.. Otherwise, I’m going to take out legal expenses insurance. So that I can hire a good lawyer, who understands inheritance law….maybe my cousin has experience with it. I’ll give my dad a call, he’ll probably have a good idea… Or my brother, who also often has these kinds of problems…

Now this is: thinking about a non-existent problem.

After all, we don’t have any plans for an extension, we don’t have a fight with the neighbors, we don’t need a lawyer and we don’t have the space to do this for the time being.

So what am I doing in my head? Exactly coming up with and solving a non-existent problem.

I had this regularly before my burnout and as far as I’m concerned, it’s an important source of energy loss. I’m going to elaborate on it next.


Coming up with non-existent problems is a huge red flag.

Somewhere you got bogged down and now you are busy with problems that don’t exist.

Again, this is often:

– happens unconsciously

– is a sign of fatigue

– can be addictive (just like negative thinking).

In my opinion, the solutions are similar to the negative thoughts.

1-Ensure energy recovery. You need to make sure that your energy level goes up. So that you can better parry these thoughts. Stop all activities for a while and take a break. So you can recover.

2-In addition, it is important to look at these thoughts objectively. Apart from emotion, you can explore what you are looking at and what you are thinking about. Usually they disappear because you start to see through that these thoughts are nonsense.

3-Thirdly and lastly, it is good to deal with the unconscious character. The best way to do this is to consciously reflect on what is going on in your head. Every now and then you consciously take the time to think about where you are now and what is happening in your head. This overcomes the unconscious nature of the thoughts.

Again, if you find this difficult, you should ask for help. Ask colleagues, friends, acquaintances to help. So that this stops..


Learn to see that you have this:

– does it yourself,

– yields nothing

– only costs energy

is probably the biggest gain. You change from someone who is unconsciously swallowed up by these thoughts, to someone who consciously distances themselves from these thoughts.

The angry man, who is lost in non-existent thoughts, turns into a fresh man who chooses to stop these thoughts. And who ensures that he is happier and friendlier in life.

By stopping every now and then and consciously thinking about what is going on, you can prevent worse.

You could choose to take a guess at the end of the day. Where do I stand, what do I think, how do I sit and what do I think about. Just to experience that these thoughts are unnecessary.


Because you are going to take these steps, you will grow out of these thoughts. Your life will be happier and you will be more fresh in life. I think it’s worth embarking on this growth trajectory.

Just by consciously standing still every now and then


These thoughts are a difficult opponent. But by putting on the brakes every now and then and recognizing these thoughts, you can change them.

By acting proactively, you can save a lot of energy and prevent burnout.

Try to stick with it and not be upset if you fall into these thoughts. After all, it is a process.

Then I have the utmost confidence that this will work out.


You can pollute your head with non-existent problems, without you even noticing. By learning to recognize this, you can respond to it.

Stopping for a moment, taking a step back, and reviewing what is going on will teach you to end these thoughts.

Hopefully this will also stop the enormous energy loss that this costs.