Someone who has had a burnout is not someone who has been on vacation. Who has been at home for a while and is full of energy?


Recovering from a burnout is hard work. For the people around you, that is, sometimes, not good to understand. Prevent yourself from feeling guilty, while those around you don’t get it.


You could try to explain what’s going on and what you need. But if you notice misunderstanding, then you must stop. Try to avoid these people. Don’t look for them during the break, stay away from them, get out of the app group etc. They are very tiring and consume a lot of energy.


Own experience 

At my school I sometimes encountered misunderstanding. People who could hardly put themselves in my place. I started to avoid these people.


I thought it was too tiring to keep meeting these people. The choice not to visit these people anymore somehow felt like a liberation. It also gave me the space to look for people who could understand my situation.


This distinction ensured that I got people around me who were a good fit for me.


What’s positive

You will make more distinction between people, so that you will ultimately be more surrounded by people who can understand your situation. This also makes your recovery faster



1.     You may encounter misunderstanding. That cannot be completely prevented. But decide how you deal with it.

2.     If possible, be open and honest. This makes you vulnerable, but also accessible to other people who are more interested in this subject.

3.     Start looking for people who fit to you.

For the employer

The misunderstanding that your employee encounters is a killer for self-confidence.


The employee already feels quite bad and is at war with himself and the environment. If you deny or downplay that process, then the security is gone. The employee will then remain sick longer.


My advice: take the employee seriously. The safer he feels, the sooner he recovers.