You’ve just heard that you must stop. You’re too tired, exhausted and you need to recover. But how do you do that? Above (under the button Phase 1), I have described 30 topics that I have encountered. Maybe you can benefit from my experience.


These topics have a fixed structure, namely:

  • Explanation on the subject/topic
  • My personal experience in brief 
  • What is positive about this topic
  • Tips
  • Don’t give up

I think there is something useful for everyone in this site.

No one can say how long this first phase will last. Recovering from a burn-out is an individual process. One takes longer than the other. That’s not good or bad, but that is how it is. It depends entirely on the severity of the burn-out, the cause and the circumstances, how this process goes,


In the first phase, you will have the feeling that many things are no longer possible. That makes sense, because your old way of life brought you here.


The first step is to let go. After releasing you get the landing. You will land and accept that you have a burn-out. And that’s where the recovery really begins. From there you start to organize your life differently. And you will notice that things are still possible, but in a different way. 


Eventually, much of what you are now encountering and what you are experiencing will change. So that you will see the beautiful things in life again and that you are satisfied with what you have. You will also discover that ambition, workload and career come at a price and you will ask yourself if you are willing to pay that price. 


For most people, a burn-out is a turning point in their lives. A moment that feels bad right now, but which you wil overcome. Eventually your life will change for the better.


This last sentence may now seem implausible. But have faith, this also applies to you.