Enough to eat and drink

When you go back to your work, it is wise to take enough food and drink with you. Food and drink can play an important role in the reintegration process.


You must eat energy-rich foods at work. In addition to the regular lunch, think of bananas, muesli bars, wine gums, cookies, you name it. Soft drinks also have a positive effect in this phase. Soft drinks are often full of sugar. If you drink that then you get a decent energy boost. This food and drink acts like a sugar shot. That may just be enough to give you some energy again. Make sure that you always have it within reach, when you are not feeling well, food can be the answer.


Eating and especially drinking can be a way to stay calm. Drinking tea and water often gives a calming feeling. In addition, tea/water does not contain any added substances. Coffee, on the other hand, contains caffeine. If you drink too much of it, you will feel that your adrenaline increases, which makes you restless and can experience stress.


In short, see if eating and drinking at work can help with your recovery.


Own experience

I always had food in my desk drawer. Cookies, muesli bars, bananas, you name it. After 2 hours of teaching, I needed energy. I often took a banana id so that I felt better.

I had to be careful with the coffee in our canteen. Due to the amount of caffeine, I often felt rushed and stressed. As an interim solution I drank decaffeinated instant coffee. That’s not really coffee, but more of a type of drink that tastes distantly like coffee. I could do better with that. Eventually I switched to tea and water. That took some time getting used to. My body had to kick off from the caffeine for a month (really got a headache and stuff). But in the end, it worked. I mostly drink tea.


What’s positive

Food can serve as a refuge when you are a bit faint. It gives you a lot of energy very quickly. Switching from coffee to tea, makes you calmer. So that you can work on your recovery in a more balanced way.



1)      Stock up on food so you can use it when needed.

2)      Make the switch from coffee to tea/water.

3)      Instant coffee without caffeine, can be an intermediate solution


For the employer

Eating and drinking at work gives the employee energy. It can help to see what you can contribute as an employer.

Look at the canteen and check whether this food contributes to the employee in a positive way. Especially when recovering from a burnout, that makes sense.

At our school we have free fruit and no soda vending machines. That means that you can make a healthy choice easier.