I think there are few places that are more relaxing than nature. An environment in which you actually go back to basics. Where there are no cell phones, stress, other people. Where you are out of the burn out environment and can let go of everything for a while. Experience the environment without external stimuli.


There are suitable and beautiful nature reserves throughout the Netherlands. Often much closer than you think. A forest, the sea, a delta or the valley of a river. That is within reach for everyone. Just like a beautiful park, a park or a beautiful avenue.


Make sure you go quietly into nature. Mountain biking and running, that’s not what I mean here. But just walking and cycling, that’s enough. The main thing is to clear your head.


Own experience

To get my thoughts in order, I often went to the forest. It gave me the feeling of not having a burnout for a while. I was then disconnected from everything and could experience the forest. I really liked the sounds, smells, colors of a forest.


I really went looking for nature. During my daily walk I made sure to always take a piece of nature with me. I liked that.


Even now, I take a daily walk through nature. That’s really important!!


What’s positive?

In nature you can let go of the thoughts. Try to get away from the burnout for a while. You often have energy again afterwards and you feel recharged.

Visiting nature speeds up your recovery process. So that’s only positive.


1.   A visit to nature is soothing and nice, do it

2.   Plan it in your daily schedule so you don’t forget

3.   See if you want to do it alone or if you can take someone with you

4.   A small green strip in the city, or a park can also feel like nature

5.   Make sure you stay calm (so don’t run in the forest, but walk)


Don’t give up!!

Visiting nature every day really contributes to your recovery. Take a look in your area to see if you can discover nature within a 10-minute walk or a short bike ride. Sometimes a park or a green belt is sufficient.


I have read that patients in a hospital with a view of greenery heal faster, so-called healing environment.


Do it: find nature and try to clear your head!!