It's getting lighter

Now that you’ve come a long way in Phase 2, you’re starting to notice that sometimes you’re better off. That you feel that things are going in the right direction and that the severity of the burnout is starting to turn. It gets lighter.


Of course, you are not there yet, and you will continue to work on guarding your boundaries in the coming months and years. The sooner you start assessing situations based on your needs, the better and smarter choices you will make. Certainly, with the help of the insights and ideas you have gained recently.


And Phase 3 starts here. You feel it’s getting lighter and getting better. Then it makes sense to think about why you didn’t guard your boundaries in the past.


That will be an even more interesting journey and I will describe it in detail in the final phase. So, come along and check out Phase 3 as well.



Own experience

As time went on, I organized my life (both private and working) more and more the way I wanted. I set my boundaries more and more clearly and put my needs first. I found myself more and more.


Still, I was left with an uneasy feeling. The burn out was decreasing but at the same time I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.


I had to look for the cause!


What’s positive

Burnout is starting to change due to the tools and actions of the past few months. Your burnout starts to get less severe. You feel it’s going in the right direction. And no, you’re not there yet, but you’re starting to see more and more where you need to be. You also know that there is still 1 path to go. Phase 3, how did it get this far?



1)      Enjoy this lightness. Realize that you have come a long way. Be proud of yourself for getting this far.

2)      Know that the changes are ingrained and that you are increasingly arranging life the way you want.

3)      Look for the cause, why did it come this far? (read Phase 3)