Move your body


Of course, exercise is good for everything. When you move, your heart beats faster, blood flows through your veins, your whole body becomes more active, and you produce substances in the brain that make you think about other things.

Often you are outside, which distracts you and gives you other ideas.

Again, BALANCE is the magic word.

If you are sitting on the couch and you are new to exercise, I would advise you to start with that. The easiest way is to go for a walk. Just a quarter of an hour/half an hour every day. During the break, after a meeting, at the end of the day, those are great moments to experience the benefits of exercise. Just get some fresh air and let the thoughts run. It often helps to go for a walk with a purpose. Just a cup of coffee somewhere id. You can get it off the couch to drink.

On the other hand, you are a fanatic athlete. Do you swim, run, cycle regularly, spend a lot of time in the gym or play soccer… then you can also get better in BALANCE here. In this case, I would advise cutting back. Don’t stop but cut back. Take a step back and take it easy in the coming weeks.

How that works exactly, finding that BALANCE, I explain below.

Good luck!!


The search for BALANCE in movement is best done with someone who is close to you. Your partner, a good friend, your son (in my case) or your sports buddy. They are often able to see how you are doing.

Together you can think about how you can maintain the positive aspects of exercise, without affecting your energy management.

Are you a “real” athlete and should you actually take it a little easier or are you a couch potato who actually needs to get off the couch. In both cases, it’s helpful not to do it on your own.

You need someone to help you with that.


If you adjust the exercise to your energy level, you will notice that the current situation is improving.

Do you spend a lot of time on the couch… Then you will really notice the added value of exercise

Are you moving around a lot… Then you start to appreciate the added value of taking a break.

In any case, with a more balanced movement rhythm, you will notice that your chance of burnout decreases.


With a rhythm that is more in BALANCE, you are more likely to get into a healthier flow. You will start to feel better, and you will grow as a result.

To a situation where you are closer to yourself and through which you can make better choices. Also, in movement.


Balanced movement leads to a good feeling in your body.

The confidence you gain as a result leads to a movement that fits the situation. Namely, the prevention of burnout.


Exercise is good. By all means, go and do that. But with mates and not only.