A lot of stress causes you to exhibit certain behaviors. Think, for example: overthinking, being angry, conspiracy thinking, sleeping badly or all kinds of physical signals.

To prevent burnout, it is necessary to learn to recognize this behavior so that you can do something about it. That’s what this part of the site is about.


Prior to my burnout, I started to exhibit different behaviors. For example, I got angry more easily, was very restless, was in my head a lot, didn’t feel seen, started pleasing even more, etc. In hindsight, those turned out to be red flags that I didn’t recognize at the time and that actually alerted me. Pay attention Marco…..this is not good!!

During my recovery, I often wondered why I hadn’t seen the signs and whether my burnout could have been prevented.

At its core, it comes down to the fact that I didn’t recognize the red flags.

In recent years, I have consciously started working on this. With learning to recognize the behavior and the links with stress. As a result, I now know that too much stress comes with certain behaviors. For example, when I worry a lot, start pleasing, forgetful or suspicious, I know that these are signs of low energy. And I have to take measures.


Learning to recognize this behavior is central to this part of the site. I will describe a number of topics that are striking when the energy is low and that are easy to overlook.

Although they are actually red flags….

The formatting will be the same as the entire site. I.e.:

-a short introduction to the theme

-then a compass as a metaphor to achieve lasting change


Good luck reading,

Marco Ambaum