In this piece, I dwell on a common problem. The thinking.

Thinking causes many, if not all, problems you may have. I think 90% of the problems in your life come from thinking. In particular, the abundant thinking or creating problems in your mind, causes a lot of unnecessary suffering.

The thinking can be divided into two groups:

– 1) Functional, i.e., solving a problem or performing a task. In this way, thinking is a means of getting something done. In the same category is thinking during a study, to drive a car or to write a letter.

– 2) In addition, you can also use thinking to contemplate events or to produce expectations, for example. With great pleasure you can think back to a beautiful holiday or look forward to something nice in the future. Those are positive thoughts, they are fine.

However, many people (including myself) think about what could happen in the future. Or think back of something annoying from the past. In both cases, there are negative thoughts.

Especially in this last situation (the negative thoughts) many people (and so do I).

Because this requires a lot of energy, I have chosen three topics that clarify this problem. I will also indicate what helped me to stop / reduce this.

Hopefully it will help you.

The topics are:




 If you miss another theme, let me know and I will write it.