Driving a car is almost impossible. You have to watch the traffic, switch gears, react, think ahead, the radio is on, someone is sitting next to you talking and the children in the back are also making noise. Traffic is diverse: trucks, vans, mopeds, motorcycles, pedestrians and cyclists. You have to merge onto the highway, there are busy inner cities, roundabouts and you have to know your way around. This creates so many incentives that this is not possible now.


For now, you should forget about driving. You’re not that far yet. 


It will, however, return in due course. If you are better at it, you will notice that driving a car is possible again.


Own experience
Driving was never a problem. Berlin or Nimes, I didn’t turn a blind eye to it. Now I couldn’t. I didn’t get physically well if I didn’t exactly know the way. Was panicked by all the other road users and the unrest around me. I also got all sorts of weird ideas like: What should I do if the car stops? Or we’re going to have an accident? Do I know the way?


All signs that I wasn’t ready yet. Even small journeys were suddenly complicated. Just fifteen minutes away by car, that was really cause for panic. It didn’t matter if I was alone or with others. I kept experiencing too many stimuli.

Public transport was not a replacement for the car. Also in public transport I had a lot of incentives that I had to deal with. What was perhaps worse: I couldn’t leave! So don’t see public transport as an alternative. It certainly isn’t.

What’s positive?
Because you can’t drive a car, you will see it differently. Rather, you wonder whether it is really necessary to use the car. Perhaps the visit can also come to you. Turns out calling, texting or meeting via TEAMS is just as efficient. That saves a lot of time and hassle.

Public transport is also difficult. With a lot of incentives and the idea that you are dependent, public transport is not a real alternative.



1.   As long as you’re not completely fit, you don’t drive a car.

2.   Let people come to you, app or call.

3.   Take this as a signal that you are not there yet.

4.   Driving will return in the further course of your recovery.

5.   Do not use public transport for the time being.


Keep it going it will be fine!!

Going shopping by car, that was already a reason to panic. That just didn’t work. My whole system refused. Smaller car trips with my wife were also cause for panic and fear.


Fortunately, it did. In the course of the recovery I turned out to be able to drive a car again. So that’s really good.

The use of public transport also appears to be going quite well.


What I did have from the burn out is that I always want to have food and drink with me. There is always something to eat in the car and a bottle to drink. If I feel faint, I always have an energy shot within reach.


If that’s the only thing, well then it turned out alright. So also for you, you will also be driving a car again, not now, but later!!