Visiting a restaurant is trickey.There are many incentives in a restaurant. Think about smells, music, other people, etc. That can be very taxing. In addition,  perhaps the most important factor is: you can’t just leave. In fact, you are dependent on the waiter, the service, etc. and that is not so convenient now (read making appointments).

Eating out with others is perhaps an even greater challenge. The social pressure can be great to go along anyway. Ask yourself if you can handle this at this stage. And if not, then don’t do it.

Lunch, on the other hand, is of a slightly different order. It is true that here to are many stimuli, people talking, etc., but eating a sandwich does not take that long and you can leave faster. It is also often cheaper.


You can try this as an alternative to the restaurant. Have lunch with someone.


Own experience

A nice restaurant, good food and pleasant friends. Yet my body started to mutiny from the first moment. This manifested itself in palpitations, sweating and panic. After an hour I got up. I wasn’t there yet.


After that I regularly went to lunch, especially with my wife. To practice and see how far I was. That went in fits and starts, but it got better and better. I also started to see lunch as something fun again.


As my energy increased, I was also able to go to a restaurant again. At first with my wife (to practice) and later with other people. So here I have taken steps.


What’s positive?

You have to deal with a real limit. You feel that eating out is really not possible yet. But lunch might be possible. You can certainly try it if you enjoy it. You can also, if that goes well, go with several people. 

In the end, you can really go to a restaurant again.



1.   Don’t eat out yet. That’s too early.

2.   Have lunch, you can try that but if it doesn’t feel right, don’t go

3.   Keep trying. It’s a shame to leave it at that.


Don’t give up!!

The times that I have run away from a restaurant or lunch place I was quite ashamed. I had given the impression that I could do it, but that was apparently too early.

My wife, however, continued to take me in tow. Always a small bite to eat, in a quiet place, away from the crowds, etc.


In the end it worked out very well and I can now just go to a restaurant again.


So keep in mind that this will pass when you have more energy!!