The last emotion is also a very energy guzzling emotie and being sad. People who are sad are in a negative flow. There is something in their environment that causes people to get into a sad/down mood.

A sad mood is a brake because people feel uncomfortable. These people are worrying, thinking, gloating about what has happened to them.

People who are in this mood are the opposite of joy. You also miss the benefits ofjoy. Sad people are not so proactive, with their thoughts elsewhere, can negatively affect the rest of the team, you name it.

Why someone is sad can be due to several factors. Both inside and outside the work. In both cases, it’s good to see where it comes from.

Sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes it’s not.

In the event of a death, problems at home or a major loss, the cause of the feeling is clear.

However, missing a promotion, leaving a colleague, changing a team or you name it, can also play a role in feelings of sadness. Which may not immediately be seen as such.

I think it is good to reflect on this because a lot of energy can leak out here.


Someone who is sad is in a negative phase. It’s helpful to comfort. To process the loss together with the sad person and to think about what can help to get out of this phase.

It is very nice to notice that the team gives space to the sad person to express his feelings. Occasionally asking how things are going, just informing, that can already be helpful.

Together, through the sadness, I think that’s a good solution.


In many organizations there is little room for this emotion. Changing to acknowledge the grief and giving space for the grieving process is the change you can make.

The team will come out stronger. After all, you know that you can rely on each other, even in bad times,


Growing towards entering this feeling together. Being connected to each other and giving space for loss and grief. That’s where the growth is.

So not only celebrate successes, but also give space for sadness.


When people allow themselves to be comforted, it’s a huge confidence in the comforter. The person puts his grief (and therefore vulnerability) in the hands of others.

That can have a huge connecting effect in a team and gives a lot of confidence.


Sadness and gloom are emotions that require comfort. If you can offer that as a team, you show enormous connection.

People will trust each other more and the team will come out stronger.