Although we are all human beings and we all have to deal with emotions, it can happen that there is no or too little attention for them at work. Dealing with emotions is seen in some sectors as annoying and detrimental to the organization.

Statements such as: back straight and through or emotions is for home, you still encounter in some organizations. Employees are forced to keep their emotions in front of them.

It may be that not expressing emotions ultimately works against the organization. Not being able to express it is then comparable to denial/ not being seen.

Too many emotions, on the other hand, can also be counterproductive. If we go too far into emotions, we can lose ourselves. A certain objectivity is sometimes really necessary in a professional environment.

Dealing with emotions in the right way can benefit the professionalism of the organization. Here lies a great opportunity to solve possible frustrations and irritations.

It seems more than clear to me that this can save energy.

Basically, we know 4 basic emotions:

  • Happy
  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Afraid

After this, I will indicate with each emotion how they can contribute to limiting energy leaks, if we deal with them in a decent way.

I will also try to give ideas (Together, Change, Grow, Trust) to deal with this better.

Good luck reading, hopefully it will take you further

If you miss another theme, let me know and I’ll write it.