Does nutrition influence prevent burnout?

To be honest, I only have answers from my own experience. And yes, I really appreciated certain foods during my burnout and others a lot less. I also think I can tell something about my eating behavior prior to my burnout. Perhaps there were already signs here.

Although I am not a dietician, food coach or food technologist, I am going to link my limited knowledge to this theme. It is not scientifically substantiated at all and is also quite questionable.

But I do hope you find it useful. Even if you don’t agree with it.

I thought it would be useful to divide this part into subcategories. So that there is more structure in the whole.

The subcategories are:

-eating behavior


-PPP (pizza, pasta, pasta)

-power food


-vegetables and meat

-caffeine and stress

I will briefly discuss them below so that you can see if this suits you.