During the burn out, shopping can pose a risk. The hustle and bustle of a shopping street, or shopping mall, people talking, music, smells, light. You run a great risk here, especially in the first time of the burn out. 


Agree very clearly with those around you what they can expect from you at this point and it probably isn’t that much yet. In any case, avoid shopping on holidays or shopping Sundays. That really gives too much incentive.


Own experience

My wife and I have always enjoyed a city visit. Discover a restaurant, have lunch, do a little shopping, see the town, etc. But with my burn out that was different. We went to Deventer (city in The Netherlands) once on Saturday. That seemed nice and cosy, but I got a great twist on my ears. 


Driving, a busy shopping street, a lot of noise, a lot of people, not eating well gave me a panic attack. I wasn’t that far yet. So, then we went back home. I had a few crush days ahead of me to recover.


So that was clearly to soon.


What’s positive?

You must deal with a real limit. You feel that shopping (in another city) is not possible yet. So, see this as a learning point. Also ask yourself what the reason is that you are coming. If you need new clothes, you can also do that online.

Listen carefully to yourself.



1.   Watch yourself closely. You are still in the first phase of your burn out and therefore not much to burden.

2.   Discuss this with those around you. They might as well go shopping, not you yet.

3.   Do you want to shop? Can also be done online.


Don’t give up!!

I (as a man) still find shopping annoying. Shop in, shop out, what a hassle. But we have devised an effective construction. We go as early as possible and if it becomes too much for me, I will walk around in a bookshop or a (small) museum. It is often calm and quiet there.


This way my wife and kids can shop as they like, and I can still come along. That is a great solution for everyone.


In short, shopping now is a risk, but with some adjustments you can (in the long term) go again!!