It can be soothing to read. To immerse yourself in a book and a story. So that you can stop thinking about your burn out for a while but let yourself be carried away in a story.


You can park your thoughts for a while and not think about yourself all the time.


Own experience

I haven’t read for a long time. Besides the newspaper and the necessary reading material at work, reading was something I didn’t have time for. Which is a shame because reading can be quite relaxing. Besides the fact that it broadens your view of the world, it also has a calming effect.


I started with that. A book about someone who goes hiking in Ireland. A simple story, with few intricacies and multiple layers. No, just a simple book, but fun to read.


What’s Positive?

Reading can take you to another world. Don’t think about your burn out for a while but get away (to Ireland.).

I found it a pleasant experience and want to include reading (not too complicated) more in my planning.



1.   Grab a simple book, not too difficult

2.   Don’t make it important (it’s relaxation)

3.   Maybe a magazine can work to


Don’t give up!!

Discovering reading has helped me not to be busy with the burn out all day. Just like with exercise, reading mainly aims to move your senses. To think of something else.


In my (burn out) room are a few books, some of which I have read. They have helped me to relax sufficiently and have therefore contributed to my recovery.


So, reading seems like something for you. Just try it and start with something simple (travel story id). You will discover for yourself whether this suits you!!