Welcome to this website, good to have you here!

This site was made for anyone who has encountered a burnout in their lives. This includes:

  • Those who have suffered a burnout;
  • Those who are close to having a burnout;
  • Partners, children, family and/or friends of those who’ve had a burnout;
  • Those who find it an interesting subject.

Aside from that, this website was also made to prevent burnouts. For any:

  • employer,
  • organization,
  • institution,
  • team leader,
  • self-employed,

this website should give enough information to gather more knowledge about this subject.

How can an organization prevent a burnout?

What is it like to have a burnout?


My name is Marco Ambaum, 48 years old and I live in The

I live together with my wife; 3 adolescent
children and I work in secondary education.

In December 2018 I got a burnout that left me at

I got through it by trial and error. Supported by my family, friends, employer and my

As a teacher, I often took too much work with me. In addition to teaching, there were also many tasks, assignments and work groups that I
participated in. I also found my involvement with the children and the
pressure from parents heavy.

Having a young family asked a lot of me. Just like an old house, maintaining a social network and a large garden.

The balance in my life was quite disturbed.


Now, more than two years later, I am doing a lot better. I have gained understandings and have become a lot wiser.

These ideas, understandings and wisdom are the core of the website.

how is this site set up?

This site is made up out of the 3 phases of a burnout.


Phase 1, you are just at home and what is coming your way.

Phase 2, you go back to work again.

Phase 3, how do you prevent this from ever happening again.


Each stage has many topics that you can click on. 


Sometimes it’s good to overthink a topic. A burnout is often a longer process. It is good for your recovery to take the time for that.


Decide for yourself which phase you are in. If you are just starting out, phase 1 might be useful. Are you further in your recovery than phase 2 or 3 might be useful?


If you have any tips, questions or comments, please fill out the contact form.


That only makes the site better.


Hopefully you enjoy reading and good luck recovering!!