Now that you’re back to work, it’s good to take the easy road. To ensure that you can do your work as pleasantly as possible. It is worth considering looking at where you can make the work easier.


The preconditions have to be right. And opting for convenience is new. Before the burn out, you ignored yourself and saw how others chose their convenience. Now it’s your time. You can now choose the convenience way.


Take the space and make sure you are fully equipped.



Own experience

 In my classroom I provided an easy chair. A nice chair, not too big, not too small. I also provided a supply of markers, pens, sufficient paper, stapler, hole punch, etc.


I also had a kettle and a sandwich maker in my room. Then I could make my own tea whenever I wanted and make sandwiches whenever I felt like it.


I also liked having all the school affairs in one place. I had a cupboard and in it were my books, lesson plans, you name it. All in 1 place. So easy to find.


So convenient!!


 What’s positive

Taking care of your working environment improves the conditions for working. After all, you ensure that your workplace becomes a pleasant, convenient place.



1.    Look at your workplace and see what could be easier. Think of a nicer chair, larger table, enough pens, etc.

2.    You determine a comfortable workplace, inventory what is comfortable for you and try to realize it

3.    Try to have work in 1 logical place


For the employer

Safe and fast recovery, that is best done in the most comfortable environment possible. An environment that is fully equipped.


See with your employee what that could look like. Consult regularly whether there are actions to be taken that increase the comfort.