Perhaps the most beautiful emotion is being angry. Angry people are involved, emotional, see things in a different way, enz. But they feel misunderstood, unseen, or frustrated.

What helps me is to ask myself why the other person is angry and what I don’t see. Apparently, I have a black spot. I don’t see something that the other person does. In any case, anger is a sign of commitment.

Whether the anger is real, that’s not a good question. The question implies, in fact, that the anger may be unjustified. And that the one who is so angry is wrong. Usually this strengthens the boosheid and a solution does not come any closer.

Anger, in my opinion, is a stage where the relationship is deteriorating. Then be careful not to get into no relationship. The moment when the anger turns into indifference.

If we think in the relationship sphere (I’m going to pay attention to that), then you can use a




have a relationship with someone.

If there is no longer a relationship with someone, then the anger has shot so far that the person chooses not to be in a relationship anymore. A moment when indifference and disinterest prevail.

It seems clear to me that anger is a powerful emotion that takes a lot of energy and that it is therefore an emotion that, in the long run, can cause energy leaks. That is why I am appointing him here.


If there are people in your area angry, take it seriously. Try to figure out together where the anger is coming from.  If you look at it together, you can connect and look at what the person sees and why they are so angry. Also keep in mind that someone will be cheered up. In a team that doesn’t run well, this kind of intrigue is more common (read boundaries).

Also be careful not to downplay, let it run its course or dismiss it. For the employee, his emotion is then denied. He will no longer feel taken seriously and may lose his motivation

However, if you never have someone who is angry in your environment, I would wonder if they are involved. Why doesn’t he get angry?

Are they so dulled that it doesn’t matter anymore?


Being angry is perhaps the most genuine emotion. Start appreciating anger and see it as a powerfulsignal. Be open to the boosity and give people the space to express their anger.

If that is not so common in your team, then work on it. Give people space to express their frustrations and anger.

A listening ear can be the beginning.


Dealing with anger starts with learning to appreciate the anger itself. Get upand see the other person’s anger as an opportunity to get better yourself

Being open to this emotion and learning to see what the other person sees, that’s where the growth is.


If someone’s anger is taken seriously, trust and connection in the team increases. He/she feels the space to be angry. His emotion is also acknowledged, and he will appreciate it.

If the emotion also leads to action, then trust grows.


See anger as an opportunity to understand someone’s insights. Make sure you recover from the anger and come out stronger together.