To Persevere

Reintegration is based on trial and error. That can sometimes make you desperate. Still, you should try to keep going on. Do not give up.


Take if necessary, a crush day, take some time for yourself, recover and keep going on! You must go through this. 


Continuing is growing. Growing out of the burn out and growing in awareness of what is and is not possible.


The alternative is that this is it and that is still much too early, you are only just on your way back. So, go on. 

Own experience

I regularly passed myself again. Then I had gone too far again, and again with stomach-aches, headaches, etc. in went to bed.


It was often stressful, especially around the exams. Then I would have to marked 70 of my own exams and 80 as a second corrector. Consultations etc. etc.


My neck and shoulders were often completely stuck afterwards. A sign that I had gone too far. That was very frustrating, but also enlightening.


When I took it easier for a few days, my body recovered, and I could continue.


What’s positive

You discover that you can do more than you think. You discover that even after a setback you can stand up and carry on. In fact, you grow in resilience and therefore also out of burnout.



1.   If you relapse, so be it. Don’t be ashamed but know that this is how it goes.

2.   Have a crush day. Rest a while, stand up and go on

3.   Analyse what went wrong. Learn from it and keep going

4.   Be kind to yourself, you’re on your way back

For the employer

Sometimes a burnout causes the employee to play a victim role. It is sometimes difficult to get out of that on your own. 


It is good to motivate the employee to persevere. In time, he will discover that he can handle more than he might think. So, you must push him a little bit. Gently, nice and in a helpful way