A while ago I read an interesting book. Titled: “The Beekeeper”. A book that deals with the style and leadership in combination with the needs of the team.

In short: if you have a team that needs a lot of guidance, then you are a shepherd. If you are dealing with a team in which a lot of ownership and self-management is desired, then you are more of a beekeeper.

As in the previous texts, I am also looking for why the style of leadership would lead to stress and energy loss.


The team and the way of leadership should fit together seamlessly. This way you have the least noise and the least chance of energy loss.

It requires quite a bit of knowledge and insight from the manager to achieve this. After all, if you let go of a team that requires a lot of guidance too much, you can get chaos. People feel unsafe, don’t know what to do.

But if you keep a team that needs a lot of freedom, too tight, you can get rebellion. People sometimes really need freedom. And therefore, perform better.

In both cases, you’re having trouble getting the right connection to the team. And this is not only annoying for the relationship between leader and team. But it can also set mutual boundaries on edge, causing intrigue and scheming within the team (read the bit about Boundaries).

The way of leadership can best be determined together. Together with the team and team leader, coordinate which form of leadership is needed.


If you are in the situation that the style of leadership does not quite suit the team, it is important to change that as soon as possible.

Also note that it is quite a tailor-made process. Some tasks you can let go of more than others. Where if you keep some tasks too tight, it will backfire.

So, try to see where to be a shepherd or a beekeeper.


Adapting the leadership style to the needs of the team, that’s the growth.

If you can do that well, you will notice that this is how it works and that the team acts better, calmer and more balanced.


The team will have a lot of confidence in the leadership, the moment he/she can do it well. After all, the space that people are given is tailored to the needs.

That inspires confidence.


See for yourself and the team where the need lies. Are you a beekeeper or a shepherd