Use Fase 1

IIn phase 1 you made all kinds of changes. On the one hand to recover, of course, but on the other hand also to change your way of life so that this does not happen again. Then you should also consider that you should also enter this at work.


Maybe you need a green zone, less people talking, no coffee, etc. All things from Phase 1, which you run into and which are different than before the burn out. 


It is good to regularly reflect on this and see what you need. If you then link those needs to the knowledge from Phase 1, these insights also affect your work.


Then you make the insights and skills your own. They become yours.


Own experience 

I noticed that I needed breaks, as a green zone. If I’d taught for 2 hours, I wanted a break in my timetable for a lesson so I could catch my breath. That worked great, I was able to clear my head and to recharge my energy. 


I also consciously avoided people. I used to look for the noisemakers. I liked that and they knew a lot. Especially about the latest gossip and who had a fight with whom etc. But they are also very tiring, and all those stories get stuck in your head anyway.


In education, we are good at cluttering up agendas with meetings, courses, peer review, consultations, etc. I have stopped most of them by far. It had little added value for my recovery at that time.


I also tried to implement my change from home at work.


What’s positive

Your working life will be a lot more pleasant if you also start using the knowledge from Phase 1. You will then increasingly arrive at what you need. In addition, the recovery from the burn out is faster as a result.


Remember that it also works the other way around. So that you can also use skills from work at home. So, then you are busy with yourself on 2 fronts. At work and at home.



1.       Read through Phase 1 with some regularity, so that you keep paying attention

2.       See where you can link Phase 1 to Phase 2

3.       Reversed. Stage 2 can be linked to Stage 1 link


For the employer

Your employee will gain knowledge and skills that ensure that the burn out passes and preferably does not come back.


Try to stay abreast of the changes and respond to them.


This ensures that the reintegration has a better chance of success.