When you go back to your work, you also have to deal with colleagues again. There are all kinds of colleagues and for this phase I have divided them into 3 types.


Positively involved

Those are colleagues who are happy to have you back. They are involved, show understanding for the burn out and do their best to help you to reintegrate. These are colleagues that give you energy and make you feel good.



There are also colleagues for whom your absence does not matter much. They are neutral in their attitude towards you. They don’t really care if you’re there or not. This colleague will not give you any advantage or disadvantage in your reintegration.


Energy guzzler

These colleagues cost energy. Often unconsciously they ask a lot of you. These colleagues demand a lot of attention, are in your irritation zone or simply make too much noise. Because they do not give you energy, they cost you energy and that is not good during your recovery.


The combined type is also special. A positively engaged energy guzzler, or a positively engaged who is sometimes neutral. That makes it all complicated.


Own experience

I encountered a lot of these types of colleagues, especially in combination. I found that quite complicated because I was looking for something to hold on to and trust. Because of the combinations, it was difficult for me to determine which colleagues contributed to my recovery.


At first, I started to avoid them. I thought that was too tiring. Later, when things got better, I started to describe them (for myself). Which colleague promotes recovery and which colleague slows it down. This format worked quite well and made me pay more attention to who I want to have around me.


Later this shifted again. As the change process started, other colleagues became more important and some less.


What’s positive

This is also a border. In fact, you make a choice between which colleagues add energy and which colleagues cost you energy. With a little bit of success, you are most surrounded by energizing people.



1)     Take a good look at your needs and link a colleague to it

2)     Stay away from energy guzzlers, also the positive energy eater

3)     You can’t expect anything from neutral people, so don’t do that

4)     Regularly (once every 2 weeks id) reshuffling of colleagues ensures clarity

5)  Keep it to yourself. You can hurt people


For the employer

The employee recovers in the best way with colleagues who have a positive effect on him. It makes sense to discuss that, which colleagues contribute to the recovery.

Here to, the wrong colleague delays the recovery. It is good to look at this with attention.